What motivates a candidate to make a change?

There are a number of factors that motivate candidates to make a job change. This applies to all candidates whether they are recruited or not.
Major studies have been conducted over the years by various organizations to get a better handle on this subject. They take a two-fold approach. First, they questioned the companies asking them to rank in order of importance the key factors they feel will keep their employees happy and challenged. Next, they surveyed the employees and ask them to rank those factors that will keep them happy. Surprisingly, the lists are very different.

Management’s View:
1. Good Wages
2. Job Security
3. Promotion and growth potential
4. Good working conditions
5. Interesting work
6. Management loyalty to workers
7. Tactful discipline
8. Full appreciation for the work done
9. Sympathetic understanding of personal problems
10. Feeling ‘in” on things

Employee’s View:
1. Full appreciation for the work done
2. Feeling “in” on things
3. Sympathetic understanding of personal problems
4. Job Security
5. Good Wages
6. Interesting work
7. Promotion and growth potential
8. Management loyalty to workers
9. Good working conditions
10. Tactful discipline

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